Westwood Village History

The Townhomes at Westwood Village is an EYA Community built in 1998.  Our community is built on property that was previously part of the Ash Grove plantation.  The Ash Grove plantation is a historic site that was dedicated to the Park Authority from the developer of Tyson’s Village townhomes (Westwood Village).  The developer purchased 40.7 acres of land from Wilson and Lee Sherman in October 1997.  The park site is comprised of three parcels of land which total 12.3 acres.  The dedication marked the fourth phase in the development of the property known as Ash Grove. 

The Ash Grove historic site dates to the 18th century and the Park Authority is the third owner since the land grant.  The site includes the historic house, two 18th century outbuildings, a springhouse, two acres within the historic core, extensive plantings of boxwood, azalea, and others.  The house burned down in 1960, but its reconstruction stayed true to the original.  Two outbuildings the kitchen and the meat house survived giving Ash Grove a look of authenticity.   

The first owner of the property dates to October 1,1788 when Bryan, Eighth Lord Fairfax gave the property to his son Thomas, Ninth Lord Fairfax.  Thomas built Ash Grove in 1790. With Thomas owning two other large properties, he gave Ash Grove to his son, Henry Fairfax, in 1833.  Henry and his family lived there until 1847. 

The second owners of the property were the Sherman family who purchased the land in 1851.  The Sherman's farmed the Ash Grove lands.  They had a ½ acre of vineyards in 1879 that produced 3,000 pounds of grapes, none of which were sold. They attempted to earn a living from the land by harvesting hay, making butter, honey, growing corn and potatoes and had livestock on the property. Unfortunately, Ash Grove was a marginally successful small farm whose land became less productive and the buildings were allowed to deteriorate.

During Ash Grove's most recent history, the property appeared and functioned as a country estate.  With locked gates, acres of manicured lawns and a stately home, the land provided an oasis for genteel living in the midst of bustling Tyson's Corner. 

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